Finding the right job without an interview

Finding a job just got easier. Complete a test assignment that matches your skills. Get an assessment and a job offer.

Who will find it useful?

Managers, team leaders, and HR managers

Create teams, tasks, and vacancies. Invite colleagues to join the team for collaborative work. Communicate with candidates. Review posted tasks and test results.

Team members

Communicate with candidates. Review posted tasks and test results.


Find and complete tasks suitable for you. Fill out and update your resume.

How do you get started?

We're building a toolfor teams and candidates that will make the hiring process faster and easierfor everyone.

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1. Sign up

Once you register, you will be able to put off interesting assignments and do test papers.

2. Fill out a resume

A resume will help teams learn more about your experience and make decisions faster.

3. Find the assignment

A search with multiple filters will help you find the most suitable jobs and vacancies for you.

4. Complete the test paper

After completing the test paper, simply submit the solution and wait for the team's response.

It's all free!

The «Beta» rate is currently in effect for all users, candidates and teams

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  • Teams and participants
  • Team building

  • Job preview

  • Creating and editing a resume

  • Finding and executing a task

  • Number of pending jobs

  • Number of completed test papers

  • Chat with the team in test work

  • View other users resumes

  • View information about other teams

Need some help?

You can write to us via email at support@get-offer.ru, on telegram, or describe your issue in the form below.

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