Choosing a candidate is easier than it looks

Evaluate candidates based on the demonstrated technical skills most important for your team.

1. Create a command

Each line of business or HR leader can quickly build a team and invite everyone involved to review candidates.

2. Create a task

Fill out the job description, test job, choose a time limit and post the job.

3. Inspect the work

You will receive resumes and test papers from candidates. Analyze and grade the test papers.

4. Choose a candidate

All you have to do is choose the best solution with the team and discuss the details with the right candidate.

Saving your time

Hiring new employees is often a complex and lengthy negotiation and decision-making process. We want to simplify it for you!

Quick team registration

To create a team, you only need a couple of minutes to fill in a few fields. Changing information about the team is available at any time, so you can start working at once and add to it in the process.


Add everyone involved in the hiring process for each team. There is no limit to the number of teams, divide your colleagues into groups so that it is convenient.

Transparency in hiring

All team members see available jobs along with vacancies, statistics on test solutions, chats with candidates and grades posted.

Motivated candidates

There is no need to review a large number of resumes and waste time on interviews. Only motivated candidates who have successfully completed the test task within the set limit and who are suitable in terms of skills will get to the interview.

Tasks are tied to the vacancy

In order to interest a candidate, in addition to the job itself, it is necessary to fill in the vacancy. This will help to find a specialist with the most appropriate skills and working conditions.

All assignments in one place

You can use our service as a test job repository and refer candidates from other channels for test work.

It's all free!

The Beta rate is currently running for all users, candidates and teams.В данный момент для всех пользователей, кандидатов и команд, работает тариф «Beta».

  • Editing team information

  • Number of participants in the team

  • Adding a new team member

  • Changing access to a team member

  • Removal of a participant from the team

  • Number of tasks

  • Creating and editing a task

  • Publication of the assignment

  • Closing a task

  • Selecting the winner of the task

  • Viewing the list of all tasks in the team

  • View a list of all test papers of candidates in the team

  • Reviewing the solution to the candidates test paper

  • Reviewing the candidates test paper solution

  • Chat with the candidate in the test job

Useful information

How do you build a team?

Where can I see the list of team members?

How do I invite a member to join the team?

How do I remove a participant from the team?

Why do you need a vacancy?

How do I publish an assignment?

Where can I see a list of team assignments?

Where can I change the assignment?

Where can I find the test work done by the candidate?

How do you grade a test paper?

Need some help?

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