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A startup created for hiring specialists by means of test assignments. We believe that by solving real tasks, a candidate creatively demonstrates his/her skills.

Our value

We're building a toolfor teams and candidates that will make the hiring process faster and easierfor everyone.

There is no first interview before doing the test work.

The experts find the assignment themselves and send the finished test paper.

Further practicing your skills on the test paper.

Interview only candidates who have successfully completed the assignment.

Transparent team and candidate communication, chat and simple evaluation system.

Clear runtime constraints for test work.

Transparent handling of test work within the team.

A place to store, redirect, and check all team assignments.

Experienced professionals have a better chance of getting into the right position.

A list of eligible professionals for similar or future job openings.

Ability to provide feedback on negative evaluation after the assignment has been completed.

Required information about the position before posting the job.


We are a group of IT professionals who create a service for colleagues in the industry: programmers, designers, analysts, engineers and managers.

Evgeny Sazhin

Designer and Developer

Ratibor Korobin


Ruslan Denislamov

Frontend Developer

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