How we use cookies

The get-offer.co.uk website uses cookies and similar technologies (including pixel tags, web beacons, transparent GIFs, JavaScript and local data storage) for your convenience, to ensure and improve the performance of the get-offer.co.uk website and to obtain analytical information. Hereinafter in this Notice, cookies and similar technologies are referred to as cookies. Below is more information about cookies, their use and management.
If you do not agree with the provisions of this Notice, you should make the appropriate web browser settings or stop using the get-offer.ru website.

What are cookies?

Cookies are files that are automatically stored on your device (personal computer, cell phone, etc.) when you visit the get-offer.ru website. On each subsequent visit, cookies are sent to the original get-offer.ru website.

How are cookies used?

The following types of cookies may be used on www.get-offer.ru:
  • Necessary cookies. These cookies are necessary for the operation of the get-offer.ru website (including accessing secure areas of the website). These cookies allow you to visit the website and use its functions.
  • Cookies for analytics and customization. These cookies allow us to analyze your actions in order to improve and optimize the website. Analytics cookies help us to optimize the content of the website for your convenience and allow us to collect technical and navigational information (browser type, time spent on the website, pages visited, IP address, location, etc.) about you. Such data may be analyzed by third parties.
  • Functional cookies. These cookies are used to identify you when you revisit the get-offer.ru website.

How long are cookies stored?

Some cookies are valid from the moment you enter the get-offer.co.uk website until the end of a particular web browser session. When you close your web browser, these cookies expire and are automatically deleted. These cookies are called "session cookies".
Some cookies are not deleted when your web browser is discontinued. These cookies are called "persistent cookies". Persistent cookies will remain on your device until deleted or until a specified expiration date. Persistent cookies stored on your device as a result of using get-offer.co.uk will not be stored for longer than 1 year from the date of your last visit.

How do I manage cookies?

You have the ability to enable or disable cookies through the appropriate settings on your web browser. You should refer to the help documentation or the official website of the web browser developer for instructions on how to set this. You should be aware that if you fully or partially refuse the use of cookies in your web browser, certain functionality and services of the get-offer.ru website may not work properly.
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